Exam Overview for Language Development and Analysis

The Exam will be 100 points total

25 points Test taking strategies, tips, and tricks general info on ACT and its tests – Fill in the blank and multiple choice. This is all in your notes. Some of it is in specific handouts given in class.

25 points 1 ACT essay prompt – Remember, I’m grading that you’re following the format taught.

5 points Pre-writing for the essay

5 points Pre-writing for a different essay prompt

10 points 10 ACT English problems

10 points 10 ACT Math problems

10 points 2 ACT Science “passages” with 10 questions total

10 points 1 ACT Reading passage with 10 questions total

I will score these by taking off ¼ point for wrong answers. For example, if you miss 4 of 10 on the Science portion, your score will be -4 x .25 = 1 Your score on that portion would be 9 because 10-1 = 9.