Apply your research to devise a plan for yourself. What will you need to do to get there? You're not locked into this in any way. This is looking at where you are now and where you think might like to be. You can write in paragraph form or present your findings in another way, PowerPoint, illustrations, flow chart, technology from your computer class, etc. Be as creative as you'd like. Keep researching as necessary.
Due Friday 5/8/15 by 3pm. Print or share with me via email.

Elements to include:

1. Summarize what you have learned in your research of this college, program, or career field.

2. Identify your strengths. What are your strengths? Examples: I'm creative, well spoken, a good friend, caring, loyal, kind, a responsible baby sitter, a dedicated student, good at fixing things, etc...

3. How would you organize your college class schedule to best use your time? Will you have a part time job? When will you study and do homework? How will you continue to participate in your faith? In the church?

4. What questions would you ask on a college visit or job shadow?
4. A. Who did you commumicate with? How did you find and choose this person? Who is this person? Summarize your communications with this person. Also summarize what you learned from him or her and how you can apply it to your future. What stood out to you? Were you surprised by anything you learned? If so, explain.

5. For your specific focus area,
-Do you need a degree? How would you use this degree?
What are my future goals and how does the college, program, or career field I described reflect those goals?
-How does my possible college, program, or career suit my skills?
-What skills must I improve to succeed at my chosen career?
-Where can I go to learn the necessary skills? College? trade school? specific people?
-What do I need to improve personally to succeed?

6. In five to ten years, where do you see yourself both professionally and personally? Is this where you feel God is calling you? How is God possibly calling you to serve in your future?

Things that should be considered:

Degree(s) needed

Requirements to institutions of higher education
Internship/student teaching
Professional experiences
Personal goals i.e.: spouse, children, purchase a home, community involvement, church involvement

How will you continue to participate in your faith? In the church?

Geographic location: Where do you want to live? Are you willing to move?

Ultimate goal(s) in life i.e.: How to balance personal and professional aspirations? Personal wealth, early retirement, travel, personal accomplishments

Sacrifices you may endure i.e.: financial investments, budgeting, workload, possible relocation