Mrs. K's notes:
You'll be taking the SAT in the spring of your junior year. We still recommends still taking the ACT. Go to for test dates and registration directions.

This page also contains info and links for Dual Enrollment, Lansing Community College, and college links.

SAT Prep To Do beginning November 30, 2015:

1. Click this link to __Create a College Board Student Account__. You'll be able to access PSAT scores, SAT scores, and any future AP exam scores as soon as they post. Notify me via email once you have created your student account.

From College Board:
Why create an account?

With a College Board account, you can access your SAT and AP scores online, and send them to colleges. You can also register for the SAT and CLEP exams, and print your SAT Admission Ticket or CLEP Registration Ticket. Additionally, an account lets you manage your personal college list, save your scholarship searches, compare costs at colleges that interest you, and more.

2. Begin SAT Practice Test 2 - found in your manila folder. Fill your answers in on the bubble sheet (get one from me) - You'll be taking this in class by paper and pencil and not using the internet while taking this practice test.

3. Score the test using your mobile device using this app: __

If you cannot use the app, get the DIY scoring method from me.

4. Review your answers - get link from me for the correct responses. Review your responses. Take notes on your practice test. Pay attention to areas for improvement. You'll need to report to me specific areas of strength and areas for improvement.

5. Report and reflect - In an email or a shared Word document (email is preferable), report to me your specific areas of strength and areas for improvement in each sub-section. Also, write a reflection of at least 500 words on your experience with this practice test. Why did you score what you did? Specifically how will you continue to improve?

6. Once you have the okay from me on all of the above you will be given study hall time during 6th hour.


"The SAT and SAT Subject Tests are designed to assess your academic readiness for college. These exams provide a path to opportunities, financial support, and scholarships, in a way that's fair to all students. The SAT and SAT Subject Tests keep pace with what colleges are looking for today, measuring the skills required for success in the 21st century."

In addition to the diagnostic tests on Kahn Academy, there are also sections of the test prep program that give you tips and tricks to help with the test and preparing. You should view these videos and read through this information as well. You'll get a better feel for the SAT after taking the PSAT in October. This list of websites have beneficial information and prep resources. There are also several mobile apps. I recommend
Kahn Academy, Varsity Tutors, Allen Prep.

MME - Michigan Merit Exam (including SAT) test schedule for ALL JUNIORS:

Vocabulary Improvement Links

Check out the list of SAT High Frequency Words -- Be warned: It is long and quite daunting. - Timed test prep exercises
At the website, choose All Question Types
It looks like this:
Test Mode

All Question Types - 4 Sections with 5 questions in each

Input info. You can input your name and email or create a dummy account, such as
First Name: M
Last Name: L

Start the practice test.
Track your results at the end -- Be sure to record for yourself. <--- Just what it looks like.
2. Start the assessment (The Challenge)
3. As you go through the assessment, keep a written list of all of the words. Mark the words you missed (or are unsure of) AND their definitions.

Practice and improve your vocabulary and synonym identification at


College Quest Page:

DUAL ENROLLMENT through Lansing Community College:

LCC Placement Test Info:

LCC Placement Test FAQ:

LCC Practice Placement Test - Sample Questions:

Look up transferring of credits:

A Lansing Community College page about transferring credits:

LCC to Michigan State Transfer Equivalencies:

MSU Transfer info:

ACT Links:

Here is another resource:

Method Test Prep is a company that offers test prep information, tips, as well as courses. A lot of their information is covered during the ACT Prep class, titled Language Development and Analysis.

They have YouTube videos and slides of presentations. Slides, and the video links below, can be found on their website: Method Test Prep website

Use the YouTube videos and slides that they offer along with your test prep.

The ACT: Raise Your Score by 4 Points:

English Section:

Math Section: